By Crystal Boyles
Office of Creative Services

Melissa Constante’s daddy taught her everything she knows about football. Every day this fall, she’s been taking that knowledge to the next level and blogging about all things Clemson football.

“I thought it was a good bridge between what I really love and what I’m studying,” said Constante, who is doing a dual degree program for her master’s in both business administration and professional communication.

On the side, she’s blogging about Clemson football for the ACC student correspondent website. In its second year, the website has a student blogger from each of the conference’s 12 colleges. Halfway through the season, Constante’s blog was the highest hit.

She’s thrown herself into the side project like it is a full-time job. Keeping a Twitter feed and the blog, she makes sure to push information out each day.

“Me being older really gives me an advantage; it’s all about time management,” said Constante, who worked for several years as a financial planner for a large corporation before coming to Clemson.

But being older didn’t mean jumping into the world of college sports wasn’t scary.

“It was very intimidating to be thrown into that world with all these players and coaches,” Constante said. “I did a lot of absorbing the first couple days.”

While she has a press pass and can watch games in the press box, Constante spends her time on the field, pulling in the entire experience. Plus it gives her a chance to take pictures of fans to post to her blog — just another way to drive readership.

“This opportunity has really integrated me into this community, and I’ve truly become part of the Clemson Family,” she said.

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