Another class of Clemson students will be walking across the commencement stage this week, graduating and heading out to make their mark on the world. It’s a moment that won’t be forgotten, and a moment that will propel them toward their next great thing. So, let’s take a minute to meet three of those graduating students.

Diamond Brown advises a student athlete.

Diamond Brown
Image Credit: Clemson University Relations

A lesson in momentum: Diamond Brown

The athlete within Diamond Brown refuses to take a step back, but that always-competitive drive has helped her find her perfect career as a student-athlete adviser. Graduating Clemson with a Master of Education in Counselor Education, Brown now has a set of tools to help student-athletes get to where they need to be. She can help them organize their lives, provide them with a realistic career outlook or just act as a sounding board. She understands. She’s been there herself.

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From design dreams to concrete reality: Melody Bazzle

Melody Bazzle listens in class.

Melody Bazzle
Image Credit: Clemson University Relations

Melody Bazzle’s journey to Robins & Morton, one of the country’s top construction companies, didn’t necessarily start with a lifelong dream. The graduating senior intended to be a grief counselor when she initially set her eyes on Clemson, but a conversation with her mom one summer day before freshman year changed the trajectory of her life. Now, readied with a duel degree in architecture and construction science, Bazzle will trade in her graduation cap for a hard hat as she begins her next journey as a field engineer.

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Making a Mark: Eva Diaz

Eva Diaz smiles in class.

Eva Diaz
Image Credit: Clemson University Relations.

Eva’s Diaz’s psychology major — picked at random — offered her broad research and classroom experiences that gave insight into a numerous of fields of study. She ran studies and brainstormed unique approaches to pertinent issues in health, fitness and psychology. And now she has her eyes on law school.

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