Steven KatzHave you ever considered curling your biceps, with a pen in your hand? Probably not, as you wouldn’t increase muscle tone; but Dr. Steven Katz, Pearce Professor of Professional Communication, wants Clemson faculty to embolden their students to do just that, to pick up pens, pencils, keyboards-whatever writing utensil they may use and refine their writing physique.

Katz researched the use of writing in academic settings and discovered a trending drop among students’ understanding of the importance of writing as an occupational skill. In response to this, Katz and Dr. Lesly Temesvari, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, are leading the Writing in the Disciplines workshop series beginning this fall. Through these workshops, Katz and Temesvari will collaborate with faculty members to discover ways to engage students in writing styles that move toward the specific articulation skills students will need for their respective careers.

The need to address the importance of writing across disciplines became evident on Clemson’s own campus.

“In recent years, the English Department has received requests from various faculty for help with their students’ writing,” he said. “The way to meet [these needs] is to develop a workshop where the point is to actually bring in faculty to introduce and talk about explorative and experimental ways to teach writing within their own classes.”

Through this initiative, Katz wants to combat the well-known gap that has emerged in the minds of students and institutional curricula, between what are considered to be writing majors and non-writing majors. Writing in the Disciplines is an attempt to bridge this gap, and implement writing in every major, whether it is English or engineering, biology or physics.

In collaboration with Clemson faculty, Katz is working today to prepare students for tomorrow. For more information regarding these workshops, click here.


–Anna M. Jewell, Class of 2017