The Clemson University Police Department is investigating an act of vandalism that occurred last night at Tillman Hall on the university’s main campus.

It was reported to police at 7:32 a.m.

Tillman Hall 1 Police said that two messages “Rename Tillman Hall” and “Stop Honoring Tillman” were spray-painted on the building near the front entrance. Facilities is evaluating the best way to clean the old brick without damaging it.

Tillman Hall 2“We understand that there are strong opinions about Tillman, but vandalism of a historic property is a crime and we have to treat it as such,” said Chief Public Affairs Officer Cathy Sams. “We hope that this incident doesn’t take away from the positive work that is being done to better document and tell the full history of Clemson University.”

Anyone with information pertaining to the incident should contact Clemson University police at 864-656-2222.