What do 240 headphones, glow sticks and the Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity have in common? Clemson’s first silent rave! The rave-themed dance party is called “silent” because the music plays through individual headphones given to partygoers. This Silent Disco will be held April 20 in the Calhoun Courts commons building from 8 p.m. to midnight. And it’s free.

To make the evening even more entertaining, there will be three channels of music to choose from. Theta Tau wants to provide students an opportunity that has never been offered at Clemson.

“The person in front of you could be listening to something completely different than you are, and the only way you know is how they interact,” said David Parker, event president.

Besides being a free event, Red Bull is sponsoring, so they will be handing out energy drinks throughout the evening.

This is a rave where the music can never be turned up too loud, so grab some friends and join Theta Tau for a night to remember.