Clemson’s Student Affairs Publications department has been honored with 11 certificates of excellence from the American Inhouse Design Awards. Dating to 2007, Student Affairs Publications has been honored with 88 awards across various graphic design and creative agencies.

Student Affairs Publications is led by creative director Tina LeMay and assistant creative director Daniel Austin. Also playing an integral part in the department’s work over the past academic year are staff members David Bishop (senior graphic designer), Ashley Hall (communications coordinator), Dhruv Jain (web & multimedia developer) and Debbie Allen (part-time production manager), as well as a team of student assistants.

The 2016 fall edition of Experience magazine, produced by Student Affairs Publications

The 2016 fall edition of Experience magazine earned one of 11 certificates of excellence for Student Affairs Publications from Graphic Design USA.

“The work of Tina and her team continues to be excellent by any standard, as demonstrated by the regional, national and international awards they win each year,” said George Smith, associate vice president and chief of staff for Student Affairs. “Her talented staff serves as excellent mentors for the students who work in the design and production enterprise. Their operational model utilizing students from over 20 different academic disciplines is a tremendously successful example, and one we value highly in Student Affairs.”

The American Inhouse Design Awards, under the framework of New York City-based Graphic Design USA (GDUSA), aim to honor design, marketing and communication departments within corporations, publishing houses, non-profits, universities and government agencies for creativity and contributions to their businesses and institutions. Student Affairs Publications has earned 39 certificates of excellence from GDUSA since 2014.

GDUSA typically awards 15 percent of submissions, but Clemson’s group earned certificates of excellence for over 40 percent of its entries. The deliverables that won awards are listed below.

2017 American Inhouse Design Awards — certificates of excellence
Experience magazine, fall 2016 edition
Freshman Orientation schedule booklet
Healthy Campus eating disorder campaign poster series
Healthy Campus flu shot poster
Healthy Campus stress management poster series
Healthy Campus suicide prevention poster
Housing Sign-Up handout
New Student Orientation postcard series
Student Affairs Gala invitation
Student Affairs 8-foot display and retractable banner
Student Health Services brochure