Image of what the my.Clemson app looks like on a phoneClemson University has a new version of its official app — my.Clemson — that lets users access information and services, and provides a comprehensive, one-stop tool for interacting with the University.

Developed by Clemson’s Mobile Innovation Team, my.Clemson is available free in native applications on iOS and Android, and for all other web-enabled devices through the mobile web at

Integration for students

my.Clemson integrates with established Clemson academic services to provide a simplified interface for students. Blackboard Course integration allows students to access the most frequently used information for their current classes in the Academics module.

Students can check grades, view important class announcements, read and download assignments, and have access to all course content anywhere. The course roster integrates with the new my.Clemson Directory to keep classmates in touch and to foster group work and collaboration.

New campus directory/phonebook

The new Directory replaces the previous online Phonebook with an intuitive interface and intelligent search options. The quick search provides a typo-tolerant method of finding a university employee or student. The refined Advanced Search feature adds new criteria for power users to filter by name, phone number, affiliation, department and major.

The Directory presents each member’s information in an easy-to-read “ID Card” interface. This information integrates with existing productivity tools, such as mobile calendars and Outlook, by offering an “Add to Contacts” feature.

New campus map feature

The new Map feature has location search, directions and custom filters for displaying such places as all parking lots on campus. Lab Finder ensures that students don’t trek to a computer lab only to find it full.

Add events directly to your calendar

The Events feature provides a complete, searchable, categorized calendar of University events, even allowing for mobile and desktop calendar integration via the “Add to Calendar” feature.

Campus Safety information

Finally, the Safety section provides links to the Aspire to Be Safe App for helpful health and safety information, a safe ride home at night from Tiger Transit, emergency phone numbers and more services.

Stay in the know

The app provides multiple outlets for connecting with Clemson media and staying up-to-date with the latest news around campus. The news aggregator combines Clemson updates from social media, press releases and more in a mobile-friendly, stream-like interface.

The athletics section provides details from all Clemson sports, including news stories, athletic schedules and final scores.

Listen/watch on the go

A multimedia suite in my.Clemson combines video, photos, webcams and the WSBF student radio stream into a unique package for connecting with Clemson’s traditions and spirit.

More features still to come

The Clemson Mobile Innovation Team continues to refine my.Clemson while adding new features to complete the Clemson University experience. Be on the lookout for iRoar (Banner) integration, GPS tracking of CAT buses and routes, available campus parking, and Fike machine availability, as well as push notifications for sports scores.

Written by the Clemson Mobile Innovation Team