At Clemson, faculty have a say in policies, procedures and how they are implemented. Through the Faculty Senate, this Tiger helps to coordinate collaboration between Clemson’s faculty and administration.

Meet William Everroad.

Title: Faculty Senate program director

Years at Clemson: I have been an employee at the university for about six years, but I have been in this position for one.

What I do at Clemson:  This position is unique because I am also the coordinator for the Clemson University grievance board. Day-to-day business operations vary based on what time of year it is. The Faculty Senate office manages elections, awards, and meetings for the senate, its committees and the grievance board. We have one coordinator and three interns that handle special projects. Most of my role revolves around advising the grievance board chair and the Faculty Senate president. I review the budget and approve expenditures. I also assist the Faculty Manual editorial consultant with the review and production of the Faculty Manual. Part of my job is to ensure that grievance board conducts its reviews and hearings in compliance of South Carolina state law while ensuring that the faculty grievance process is accessible, objective, and fair to all parties involved. Some of that involves policy conversations with the grievance board and policy committee chairs.

What I love about Clemson: I love Clemson because since I started here as an undergraduate student, I have seen many people including students, staff, administrators, and faculty strive to make this a better institution. Because it is a smaller university, Clemson does not always get a fair shake in terms of how much has been accomplished and how far it has come in research and undergraduate success. Now, I am learning much more about the faculty and how diverse and successful they are and how their contributions facilitated my undergraduate success.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of: I am most proud of the work that is done by the Faculty Senate office. On a weekly basis during certain parts of the year, they are balancing multiple complex projects and activities. My only hope is that I can contribute process improvements to make their work sustainable long after we have all moved on.

Where I see myself in five years: In five years I would hope to be involved in a new project that involves the Undergraduate Student Senate, Graduate Student Senate, Staff Senate and Faculty Senate that brings them together to improve the relationship and continue to move forward the idea of shared governance at Clemson.

Last thing I watched on TV: The last thing I watched on TV was the movie Bright with Will Smith. Contrary to the reviews, it was actually pretty good.

Guilty pleasure: Diet Mountain Dew.

One thing people don’t know about you: Most people I work with know I served in the military and am currently an Army reservist, but most don’t know that I was an explosive ordnance clearance agent during my time as a combat engineer.

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