This Tiger has been honored by the City of Charleston with “Ray Huff Day” and can be spotted on an episode of Bravo’s “Iconoclast” alongside Cameron Diaz and Cameron Sinclaire. This award-winning architect isn’t just an alumnus, he’s an associate professor and the director of the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston.

Meet Ray Huff.

Title:  Director of the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston and associate professor

Years at Clemson: I graduated in 1971 and then taught from 1976 until 1978, and returned to teach in 1987. So, I guess you can say 46 years.

What do you do at Clemson? I teach and am the director of the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston, which is now housed at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston. In my role, I shape the Clemson architectural program in Charleston with a community services foundation, so our students are learning by working with people in the community in various capacities.

What is the significance behind July 15, 2008: I forgot all about this! I was really privileged that the City of Charleston’s City Council passed a resolution making July 15 Ray Huff Day. It was really quite an honor and I was touched by that in many ways.

Advice for aspiring architects? You can find no more fulfilling vocation than architecture. When you have an opportunity to shape a community and establish a legacy, both for yourself and for your community, you have a direct impact on how we live.

Last thing I watched on TV: The Age of Consequence. It was an extraordinary documentary about global climate change.

Guilty pleasure: A Chick-fil-A chocolate milkshake and the adoration of my grandchildren.

One thing people don’t know about you: We all love Clemson football, but I’m a die-hard fan. When the game comes on, I go into my man cave, and I don’t eat or sleep until the game is over.