The Clemson family is personal for this Tiger. In fact, she has lived it for her entire life. The daughter of university historian Jerry Reel, this Tiger has a unique view of Clemson’s past. And in 30 years, she has seen the university change and grow while retaining the uniqueness that is Clemson. She has spent her career sharing the very special concept of the Clemson Family and the Clemson experience with potential students and campus visitors. Meet Helen Adams.

Title:  Senior Director of Visitor Services

Years at Clemson: 30 years at the end of February

What I do at Clemson: I have been responsible for the on-campus visit experience. Currently about 65,000 people a year are served through the Class of 1944 Visitors Center and another 15,000 through the Experience Clemson brand center in Greenville.

What I love about Clemson: I love that Clemson can stay rooted in its values, but grow as the world’s knowledge base grows. I think it is amazing that 130 years ago a document was written to keep us all on course, but not hold us back.

What was a defining moment for you at Clemson:  I really don’t have a single moment.  There was never enough of a reason for me to leave the Clemson community.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of:  When I first started working for the Visitors Center we saw about 15,000 people a year. Since then, we have moved twice and grown to 65,000 guests a year.  That is because of the work of many people and divisions across campus, but we are keeping up with the same number of full time staff and a number of volunteer student tour guides.

Where I see myself in five years: I have chosen this time in my life to retire from Clemson in June. I know Visitor Services will continue to grow and meet the needs of the Clemson community.  That makes me very excited. Personally, I’m going to start a second career in real estate. Let me know if you need to buy or sell a home!

Last thing I watched on TV:  Flea Market Flip. I’m an HGTV addict.

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream – so long as it is chocolate!

One thing most people don’t know about me:  I’m a homesteader at heart. I’m currently using the Clemson Extension folks to learn all I can about bee keeping. Wish me luck!

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