Videos that inform, engage and delight. If you’ve seen Clemson University videos that evoked an emotional response, you’re most likely seeing the work created by this Tiger and his team.

This Clemson alum arrived at the university as an undergraduate student in 1999 – and never left. The Clemson alum became a staff member after graduation and rose to success the old-fashioned way. He worked for it. Now a director, he combines his intense interest in visual arts with his desire to creatively tell Clemson’s story.

Meet Eric Rodgers.

Title: Director, Broadcast Productions

Years at Clemson: I’ve been a staff member since June 2004, but came to Clemson as an undergraduate student in the fall of 1999. I have progressed from an undergraduate student to graduate assistant to a full-time staff member to, now, director.

Eric Rodgers_013What I do at Clemson: I lead the professional video production department which involves setting the direction for the department, managing and overseeing work and also getting involved in projects as necessary. I also select and mentor a group of five to seven interns each semester.

What I love about Clemson:  One of my favorite things about Clemson is the natural beauty that surrounds campus — I love seeing the mountains on the horizon every day. I enjoy camping and hiking, so I also appreciate being so close to many outdoor recreational opportunities. I also really love the fact that I get to continue to experience Clemson each and every day as I have so many memories of campus as both a student and now as a professional staff member.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of: Ushering in cinema-style production as a standard for our professional video output. I have had the opportunity to set the direction of the department in this regard and over the past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to acquire the tools and technologies to progressively move in the direction of production style that rivals independent production for feature films.

Where I see myself in five years: In recent years, quality recording equipment and post-production software have become almost universally accessible. As the demand for video has increased, many people have ventured into the world of video production. I’d love to be able to establish our department as the central knowledge base and resource for video production at the university in order to establish greater consistency and to elevate the quality level across the board for video output — no matter who is producing the work.

Last thing I watched on TV: I’m currently watching Orange is the New Black, season 5. I just rewatched the entire series of Modern Family through this year’s season finale as it’s one of the shows I really enjoy, but I had fallen behind for a few seasons.

Guilty pleasure: Watching some of the kid-centric YouTube channels with my three children. Among their favorites are Blippi and Ryan Toys Review. I do also enjoy some of the Marble Run and Hot Wheels racing videos they like to watch.


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