Driving change.

Is there parking at Clemson? Yes.
Are parking spots located right in front of your office or classroom? Probably not.

As Clemson expands to provide learning and research opportunities on campus, parking will always be a consideration. This Tiger heads the effort to find innovative solutions to the complex issue of parking.

Meet Dan Hofmann.

Title: Director, parking and transportation services, 2018-19 Staff Senate president

Years at Clemson: 6.5 years

What I do at Clemson: I have been blessed to serve passionately and professionally as the director for parking and transportation services and assumed the Staff Senate presidency in April.

What I love about Clemson: The passion and dedication of our students, faculty and staff and all of the wonderful people I have met here at Clemson. For me, Clemson is truly about “family.” My wife, Ann, is a staff member. She works in the School of Nursing, and my daughter, Lauren, is now a Clemson alumna. She graduated in December. My son, Jason, loved Clemson so much he moved down from Boston almost two years ago. We are working to get my other son, Brian, and daughter, Jenna, to come to their senses and move down here from Boston and New York, but they love it when they come visit. Working here and having my family experience what Clemson is all about has made us truly call Clemson our home.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of: On a personal and professional note, after working with the City of New York Transportation Department as chief of parking control, with the City of Boston transportation department as deputy commissioner and after working at Harvard University as parking operations manager, I can honestly say that my greatest accomplishment and what I am most proud of is having had the opportunity to work at Clemson. It is considered the “crown jewel” of my career. Now, as for accomplishments while here, I think that what I am most proud of is the relationships that I have built working along with members of the administration, faculty and my fellow staff members at the university as well as with both graduate and undergraduate student governments to help make a difference for them and all of our constituents that rely on myriad services that our department provides. We have had major support from faculty, staff and students as well as from my own department and the executive leadership team to build an award-winning parking and transportation operation. I have worked with various members of the university to build consensus to effectively manage a lot of changes and new initiatives that have come about over the past 6.5 years. I think that being able to successfully manage and create a comprehensive parking and transportation program as the university continues to grow is something I am most proud of. We have introduced innovative parking and transportation technology and programs that have translated to a better experience for the campus community for years to come.

Where I see myself in five years: Hopefully, still on this earth in my same position. My main goal when I came to Clemson was to take everything I had in my tool box and work with my team to make Clemson the premiere model for university parking and transportation operations in the nation. I was recently invited by Coastal Carolina University to participate in a “peer review” and it was said that we were chosen because we are considered one of the experts on how it is done. We are well on our way to being that national model but still have much work to do.

Last thing I watched on TV: HGTV. I am not a TV guy but do like to follow politics and home improvement shows. We enjoy ¾ of an acre in Six Mile along with our two beautiful white collies. I do enjoy making improvements around the house and landscaping our property. You get some great ideas from those shows!

Guilty pleasure: Klondike ice cream bars

One thing people don’t know about you: As a young boy, I played the saxophone, but my childhood dream was to play professional baseball. I departed from my musical inclination to play sports and pursue the stars. I did serve as captain for both my baseball and football teams in high school. While I did not make it to the majors, I believe that is where my leadership skills began. I am not sure if I was considered a musical prodigy on the horn but I did play in a high school band recital when I was in 4th grade. I think I owe my talent to my grandfather who was a famous “Big Band Era” sax and clarinet player. I once heard him announced to play a solo at Carnegie Hall as the “world’s greatest technical saxophone player in the world.” So when I have some time on my hands, I think it would be great for me to redevelop my musical career and give Dave Koz, a great jazz horn player, some serious competition before I’m done.

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