This Tiger, active in the U.S. Air Force, was adopted at 3 days old. He and his wife adopted their daughter to give her the same chance at happiness.

Meet U.S. Air Force Maj. Brock Lusk.

Title:  Assistant professor of aerospace studies and Air Force ROTC operations officer

Years at Clemson:  Four years: Undergraduate (1998 – 2002), one and a half years graduate studies (2014 – 2015), two-and-a-half years faculty (2015 – Present)

What I do at Clemson:  I train officer candidates for the U.S. Air Force in the Air Force ROTC program that I commissioned out of in 2002. I am also a board member of the Clemson Corps.

What I love about Clemson:  Clemson’s military heritage (and support) is an integral of the Clemson culture and experience. From the monuments on campus to the Clemson Cadence cheer you hear at sporting events, our military legacy has left a lasting imprint on Clemson University.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of:  Academically: My history research has added seven names to the Scroll of Honor since 2014. I have ensured that seven of my military brothers and Clemson Family members are recognized for their service and sacrifice for our country.

Professionally: I intended to serve in the military for four years, but found the brothers and sisters I did not have growing up. I now intend to stay until they kick me out!

Personally: Adopting my daughter, Annabelle. I was adopted at 3 days old and saw the impact it had on my life. My father took me to Clemson as a baby and infant, and point to the buildings and say, “One day you’ll go to school here.” His dream was for me to be the first college graduate in the family. (I was.) He never expected me to be teaching at Clemson! I want to give Annabelle all the opportunities I had, and more.

Where I see myself in five years:  Hopefully still supporting the work of Clemson Corps and continuing to serve my country in the USAF! I’m hoping to be a chief of wing intelligence or squadron commander, so I can continue to develop the future leaders of our Air Force.

Last thing I watched on TV:  Forged in Fire

Guilty pleasure:  Cartoons from the 1980s. The Voltron remake is pretty good too.

One thing people don’t know about you:  I was adopted in 1980 before the Tigers won their first football championship. My wife and I were matched with Annabelle in November, and Annabelle stayed up for the 2017 National Championship! I’m not saying there is a correlation, but…..

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