Decipher magazine is produced by a Clemson Creative Inquiry student team.

Decipher magazine is produced by a Clemson Creative Inquiry student team.

CLEMSON — Clemson University students have published the 2013 issue of Decipher magazine to highlight research performed by students in the Creative Inquiry program. Each year, Creative Inquiry engages more that 3,500 undergraduate students in teams that allow them to apply their classroom learning to real-world problem-solving.

Decipher articles cover a wide range of student research activities at Clemson, from genetic research for breeding better crops, gaining a better understanding of concussions from a student-engineered simulator and solving infrastructure problems in Haiti.

The magazine is itself a Creative Inquiry project, with most of the writing and design work done by a team of students at The Pearce Center for Professional Communication. The Pearce Center’s mission is to promote effective communication throughout all disciplines. The Decipher project allowed students to develop their communication skills as they described research from many disciplines in easy-to-understand articles.

“Decipher is a way to display Creative Inquiry accomplishments to a broad audience,” said Barbara Speziale, director of the Creative Inquiry program and professor of biological sciences. “Because Creative Inquiry is special, Creative Inquiry students are encouraged to publish their work in professional journals. Thus we didn’t need a typical undergraduate research magazine with individual students describing research results. Instead we created a publication that would entice readers.”

Amber Day and Saahira Goodwin are Clemson students who played an integral role in the production of Decipher’s 2013 issue.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working on Decipher,” said Day. “I hope to pursue a career in publishing, so being an integral part of the team that produced this magazine was a great opportunity to get real-world experience in the field.”

Goodwin explained that working on Decipher was a great learning experience because she was able to apply the knowledge learned in her graphic communications classes into an actual publication.

Communication is important for any academic study and Decipher exists to communicate the exciting research and important work that is taking place across the university’s campus.

Decipher is available as a PDF on the Creative Inquiry website at Print copies are available from the Creative Inquiry office in Martin Hall E201, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634.


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