CLEMSON — Clemson University horticulture professor Lambert “Bert” McCarty accepted the 2012 Notable Document Award for his book, “Diagnosing Turfgrass Problems: A Practical Guide.” The award was presented May 13 at the South Carolina State Library.

The book, co-authored by Ralph W. White, illustrates the foundations of turf maintenance and is especially beneficial for South Carolina’s golf tourism industry, which in recent decades has become a driving force for tourism in the state.

“This is truly an honor,” said McCarty, Clemson Extension turfgrass specialist. “The type of work I am doing is vastly different from what is typically recognized by the State Library for this award. I am definitely the outlier here. Out of over 3,000 documents viewed by the committee, it is certainly a surprise to be among the recipients for this award.”

Golf tourism is a $3 billion industry for South Carolina, in addition to sod production and turf-grass management for athletic fields and  residential and commercial landscapes.

“There are over one million acres of lawns, 380 golf courses and countless sports fields in this state,” said McCarty. “The Grand Strand of South Carolina is the No. 2 golf destination in the country, so it is essential that we continue with research and development, finding better and safer practices, and to continue to grow business related to the production and maintenance of turfgrass in South Carolina.”

McCarty credits Clemson and its turfgrass program as also having an important impact on South Carolina’s economy. The turfgrass program is one of nine undergraduate majors in Clemson’s School of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Sciences (SAFES).

This is the second Notable Document Award McCarty has accepted. In 2009, the State Library honored “Home Lawn Management in South Carolina,” a book McCarty co-authored with Clemson horticulturist Bob Polomski.

Document librarians from across the state and the staff of the South Carolina State Library select the award recipients. Clemson University has received this award 14 times since its inception in 1990.


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