Thomas Alley

Thomas Alley

CLEMSON — Clemson University professor Thomas R. Alley was elected president of the International Society for Human Ethology (ISHE) for a four-year term.

“ISHE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of human ethology, the study of behavior from a biological and evolutionary perspective,” Alley said. “I am honored to be able to serve as ISHE’s president for four years.”

Founded in 1972, ISHE is the oldest international scientific organization directed at evolutionary perspectives on human behavior. The society’s activities include annual meetings, a journal and competitive research awards.

Alley, a professor in the psychology department in the College of Business and Behavioral Sciences, has been involved with ISHE since 1982. In 2009, Alley was elected to a four-year term as vice president. Alley was chief book review editor for ISHE’s quarterly Human Ethology Bulletin and later was named editor in chief. Additionally, Alley has been program chairman for four of the organization’s international meetings.

Alley joined the Clemson University faculty in 1984 as an assistant professor. He earned is Bachelor of Science in Psychology and his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Pennsylvania State University. Alley received his master’s and Ph.D. in general experimental psychology from the University of Connecticut.

— Peyton Bullard