By Raquel Cobb

CLEMSON – Clemson University’s Eugene T. Moore School of Education recently celebrated the return of the Literacy Research Association Yearbook.

After being rotated every three years between top-tier research institutions across the country, the publication returned to its Clemson roots in 2010 under the direction of associate professor Pamela Dunston.

This year’s editing team includes literacy associate dean Kathy Headley and faculty members Dunston, Pamela Stecker, Susan Fullerton and C.C. Bates.

Founded in 1950 as the Southwest Reading Conference, the Literacy Research Association is a professional organization dedicated to literacy education and research. Gordon Gray, former dean of the College of Education at Clemson University, was one of the founding fathers of the Southwest Reading Conference. Under the direction of Gray, the first yearbooks were published at Clemson University. Later, editorship was determined by the board of directors through a competitive selection process.

“Serving as editors of this research publication places Clemson first and foremost in the minds of literacy scholars across the nation,” said Dunston, who is serving as lead editor.