By Aliza Darnell

CLEMSON — Varun Grover, the William S. Lee Distinguished Professor of Information Systems in the College of Business and Behavioral Science at Clemson University, received the 2011 Decision Sciences Journal Best Paper Award from the Decision Sciences Institute.

Grover won the award for his paper titled “Inter-organizational System Characteristics and Supply Chain Integration: An Empirical Assessment,” co-authored with K. Saeed and M. Malhotra. The institute selected his paper after a multiround panel review of all the papers accepted by the journal that year. The recognition comes with a cash award and a plaque presented at the National Decision Science Institute Conference.

The paper addresses how specific information systems configuration choices support supply chain process capabilities. Grover's earlier work on inter-organizational systems, also published in the same journal in 1983, is one of the top 10 most-cited articles in Decision Sciences.

Decision Sciences Journal is the flagship research journal of the Decision Sciences Institute. In its 43rd year of publication, the journal is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious journals in the inter-disciplinary area of decision-making.  

Grover’s research in information systems is significant in a time of digitalization.

“Infusion of information technologies is transforming the business landscape. With increasing digitalization of companies taking place, we look at the basic question of how businesses can use technology better at every level,” said Grover. “In the information age, companies that cannot leverage the tremendous technology environment and tools that are available at their disposal are going to be left behind. Not only technology companies, but every company must understand the advantages of digitalization.”

Grover earned his doctorate in management information systems from the University of Pittsburgh. He came to Clemson University in 2002 after building a doctoral program at the University of South Carolina. Grover has published extensively in the field of information systems and is recognized as one of the top researchers in the field of information systems.

“Dr. Grover has established an international reputation as a leading researcher in the field of management information systems,” said V Sridharan, management department chairman. “Varun’s research has had a significant and impact on other scholars in his field and in shaping the direction of his field, as is evident from a recent article published in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems. He was ranked third among the top 200 most influential researchers in the world and recognized as one of seven ‘transnational elite’ MIS scholars who is ranked second and fourth based on influence in European and North American research communities.”