CLEMSON — Clemson University has landed on PayScale Inc.’s “Hero Awards List” of employers where at least 80 percent of employees are “extremely satisfied.”

Clemson is one of 148 U.S. employers, including seven universities, on the Hero list. PayScale examined 276,067 employee profiles from 62,501 distinct employers between November 2015 and November 2017.

The Hero Awards List includes organizations where at least 80 percent of the employees agree or strongly agree with the statement: “I am extremely satisfied working for my employer.”

“We believe it is important to recognize organizations where employees believe the right things are being done to ensure they are empowered and motivated to do their best work,” commented PayScale CEO Mike Metzger. “Consumers, citizens, partners and investors should feel good about aligning themselves with the organizations being recognized today, endorsed directly by their employees.”

“The Clemson family is comprised not only of students who are working hard to obtain an excellent education and achieve their dreams, but it’s also made up of hard-working employees who love this school, believe in the mission and are proud to tell others where they work,” said Emily Watrous, Clemson’s chief human resources officer. “The employees at Clemson support each other on and off the job every day so seeing our name on the list is wonderful, yet not surprising.”

Future Hero Award winners will be recognized for their efforts around other aspects of their organizational culture and business practices that positively impact employee engagement and retention and prompt their employees to rate them highly on those measures.