CLEMSON — A gift from DuPont brought together two of Clemson University’s innovative programs designed to improve elementary education.

The $50,000 gift from DuPont funded a summer of workshops that enabled Call Me MISTER participants to get up close and personal with Math Out of the Box, a national inquiry-based curriculum developed in Clemson’s mathematical sciences department.

The Misters of the Call Me MISTER program are elementary and middle school education students at Clemson University and other colleges and universities around the state. The program is aimed at training and placing more teachers from diverse cultures and backgrounds to serve in economically disadvantaged and educationally at-risk communities.

For the last six summers, Misters have trained in the use of Math Out of the Box and how to integrate it into their course content. Math Out of the Box is curriculum designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Misters also are trained to take a leadership role in introducing it into their schools, according to Roy Jones, director of Call Me MISTER.

Dorothy Moss, project director for Math Out of the Box, said, “The support of DuPont and other sponsors enables us to enjoy the enthusiasm these young men have for teaching and learning as we introduce inquiry-based instructional strategies to them.”

Math Out of the Box is published for national distribution by Carolina Biological Supply Co.