CLEMSON — To help fight colorectal cancer, the Clemson University Police Department will compete against Clemson City Police in a fundraising competition through the No-Shave November movement. No-Shave November is a web-based, nonprofit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support prevention, research and education.

CUPD policy does not currently allow for facial hair beyond a mustache, but Chief of Police Jami Brothers temporarily suspended the policy for the month of November to allow her unit to take part. Individuals will pay $20 to take part in the competition and are encouraged to donate to Fight Colorectal Cancer, an organization funded through No-Shave November.

Members of the Clemson University Police Department.

Members of CUPD will take part in No-Shave November in an effort to raise money toward Fight Colorectal Cancer.
Image Credit: Clemson University Relations

“Chief (Jimmy) Dixon from the Clemson City Police and I thought this was a good way to have a friendly fundraising competition and also to honor Chief (Tim) Tollison of Easley Police Department,” Brothers said. “He is undergoing treatment for a second occurrence of colorectal cancer. He has shown so much strength during this time, reports to work each day, often while enduring the aggressive treatments prescribed by his doctor. He is a very respected member of the law enforcement community and has been for nearly 25 years.”

Proceeds raised through the competition will honor Tollison. Donations will be accepted through CUPD by calling 864-656-5259 and through Clemson City Police at 864-624-2000.

“Chief Dixon and I ask for those who wish to donate money, please do so,” Brothers added.

Retired CUPD Capt. James Gowan joined the movement and donated “because it’s the right thing to do and it will be a fun competition.”