CLEMSON — The Columbia Clemson Club has made its final payment to establish a $25,000 endowment to provide scholarships to Clemson students from Richland County.

The endowment, begun in 2010, was funded by donations from club members and other alumni attending the Prowl and Growl spring Clemson Club meeting and other fundraising events. There are more than 3,600 Clemson alumni in the Columbia area.

“It was important for the club to not only give back to Clemson, but to ensure that the financial assistance would be provided to our local students for years to come,” said Columbia Clemson Club president Shaun Cranford. “While the initial size of the endowment seemed daunting, the generosity of Columbia Clemson alumni allowed us to fully fund the endowment two years ahead of schedule.”

“This is a great example of how alumni can come together and help future generations of Clemson students,” said Wil Brasington, senior director of the Clemson Alumni Association. “We have an excellent group of alumni in Columbia, and we appreciate their generosity and support.”

The endowment is part of The Will to Lead, a $1 billion capital campaign to support Clemson students and faculty with scholarships, professorships, facilities, technology and enhanced opportunities for learning and research.

The Columbia Clemson Club is one of 73 Clemson Clubs around the world giving alumni ways to connect with one another and celebrate common bonds in their communities.

All Clemson Clubs are operated in conjunction with the Clemson Alumni Association. An open-membership, nonprofit organization since its inception in 1896, the Clemson Alumni Association connects members of the 130,000-strong Clemson family, inspiring pride, celebrating achievement, providing service and strengthening relationships with Clemson University and with each other.