Coy Wire

CLEMSON — He is known for his big smile on the anchor desk at CNN Sports. He also is known as the swift moving former NFL player for the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons. This Friday and Saturday, Coy Wire will be known for both roles as he reports live from Clemson University on CNN/HLN’s “Morning Express with Robin Meade.”

Wire is returning to Clemson to talk school spirit. He and the CNN/HLN crew visited the university in 2015 for a tailgate cookoff between Clemson alumni Chalmers Carr and Joe Schelble.

“As an adrenaline junkie, I’m drawn to high-energy situations and positive people,” Wire said.

It is hard to beat Clemson’s energy. Wire literally got a taste of that when he had to choose between Carr’s Lowcountry boil and Schelble’s barbecue ribs, but he had to make a decision and the Schelbles won the 2015 tailgate cookoff.

Wire is returning to the Schelbles’ tailgate site off Fort Hill Street and Service Road for some slightly different coverage.

CNN/HLN will still focus on tailgating, while showcasing various student groups, popular Clemson restaurants and the things that make Clemson unique.

“Clemson is one of our favorite schools to visit. We always get a warm welcome from everyone, the athletics staff, students and fans. And we are guaranteed to have a great meal. You can’t beat that!” said Eboni Griffin, CNN senior producer.

“From students on campus, to fans in the stands, to the athletes competing… Clemson University delivers,” Wire said. “If it’s not on your bucket list, put it there.”

Wire’s Clemson reports will be broadcast live on “Morning Express with Robin Meade” between 6 and 11 a.m. Friday and Saturday.