By Raquel Cobb

CLEMSON — Lamont A. Flowers, executive director of Clemson University’s Charles H. Houston Center, has been selected to serve on the board of advisors of The Boys Initiative. The Boys Initiative is a national campaign to raise awareness on documented trends in recent years pertaining to the decline in young men’s achievement.

The initiative’s mission also is to foster dialogue and debate about the trends and collaborate on solutions with those who are committed to the futures of both boys and girls. The Boys Initiative partners and builds coalitions with other organizations and individuals that represent the interests of girls and women, boys and men, parents, teachers and adolescent health care providers who are devoted to the well-being of the nation's youth.

“In light of their focus on supporting the development and success of young men in America, I am honored to serve on the advisory board of The Boys Initiative,” said Flowers.

To improve young men’s achievement, The Boys Initiative will provide greater public awareness about the developmental needs and learning styles of boys, work to develop literacy skills and positive attitudes about school, increase parent and community involvement, create a culture of support for boys through mentoring, improve efforts to meet the mental health needs of boys and explore different techniques to better reach boys.

Flowers earned a bachelor's degree in accounting from Virginia Commonwealth University. He also received a master's degree in social studies education, along with a doctorate in higher education from the University of Iowa. He also received a Master of Industrial Statistics degree from the University of South Carolina. He is a Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership in Clemson University’s Eugene T. Moore School of Education and has also been on the board of advisors for the 2011 National Education Finance Conference. Flowers has authored several scholarly publications about the educational experiences and outcomes of African-Americans from pre-kindergarten through college and diversity issues in education, as well as organizational and leadership issues in education.

The Charles H. Houston Center for the Study of the Black Experience in Education, established in 1988, is the only research center housed at one of the nation's top research universities that was created to disseminate empirical information and address issues pertaining to the educational experiences and outcomes of African-Americans at all levels of the educational system.