CLEMSON — The finance and facilities committee of the Clemson University board of trustees Thursday recommended to university leadership that the location for the planned Duke Energy combined heat and power (CHP) facility be moved from its originally proposed site on the eastern edge of the Clemson campus to a site removed from residential neighborhoods adjacent to the university.

The committee’s action, which is expected to be endorsed by the full board Friday at its business meeting, follows the university’s decision last week to reconsider the location of the CHP in light of concerns from residents near the originally proposed site adjacent to the Clemson Armory, just east of U.S. Highway 76. In its guidance, the board committee directed the university to find a location for the facility west of Highway 76 closer to the main portion of campus.

“The board has provided university leadership with clear direction that this important facility must not only serve the university’s needs but also must be located and constructed in a manner that is respectful of our community neighbors,” said Brett Dalton, executive vice president for Finance and Operations. “The university is appreciative of the board’s leadership on this issue as well as of our ongoing partnership with Duke Energy.”

The university has begun the process of evaluating alternative sites and hopes to complete that review in the near future so that work can move forward on the project. The facility is expected to be operational in spring of 2019.

Construction of the highly efficient facility is vital to meeting the long-term power needs of the university in a way that also allows Clemson to lower its greenhouse gas emissions. When completed, the facility will have the capacity to generate 16-megawatts of electrical power. In addition, the CHP will capture waste heat from the production of electricity to produce thermal energy that Duke will sell to Clemson to be used to heat buildings and water on campus.