CLEMSON – Clemson Online has been ranked among the top online colleges.

Clemson Online logoThe Community for Accredited Online Schools selected Clemson to its 2016 list for best online colleges.

The scoring methodology included cost, financial aid, number of programs, student-teacher ratio, graduation rate and other factors.

“Clemson University employs highly trained faculty members who are aware of the special circumstances that many online students are working around and are prepared to help all student reach their goals,” according to the website. “Students will be able to interact with their teachers and peers through message board communication and video-chatting, helping to build a productive virtual community.”

The Community for Accredited Online Schools also noted Clemson’s placement and counseling services for online students as additional benefits to the program.

Katherine S. Perkins, interim director of Clemson Online, said, “Clemson Online is devoted to helping meet the needs of our students by providing a means by which student can access coursework from their location. Our online programs are designed with the same level of rigor and are taught by highly trained, qualified faculty meeting the standard of quality Clemson is known for.”