CLEMSON — Mason Foley and Logan Young have been elected Clemson Undergraduate Student Government (CUSG) president and vice president, respectively. Foley hails from Nashville, Tennessee, while Young is from nearby Greenville.

“We are humbled and honored by everyone’s support,” Foley said. “All of the credit goes to our campaign team; they were amazing with how much work they put into it.”

CUSG leadership Mason Foley and Logan Young in Memorial Stadium

Foley (right) and Young were elected CUSG president and vice president, respectively, in the general election.
Image Credit: Mason Foley

Foley is a junior management major and a member of several student organizations, including the Clemson University Guide Association, where he first met Young. The two serve as university tour guides for visitors and campus guests. He has served on an organizations committee in CUSG as well.

Young, a sophomore nursing major, brings extensive experience in student government. While at Riverside High School, she served as president for the state of South Carolina high school student bodies. She is a member of multiple honor societies and student organizations as well, including the club swim team.

“When Mason approached me with this opportunity, I knew we could make a difference,” Young said. “We were tour guides together and were the loudest people in the room.”

Their campaign platform centered on three factors central to the Clemson experience: academics, community and school spirit. Together, the two plan to advocate for a continued commitment to student health and safety, an enhanced freshman experience, impactful town-gown relations, veteran/military engagement, student involvement and better access to study spaces and technology.

Foley and Young soon will add a chief of staff and treasurer while interviewing in coming weeks for remaining Cabinet positions.

“We are excited to get started,” Foley said. “We look forward to implementing the things we talked about in our platform. We want the student body to know our leadership is committed to being approachable and receptive to issues facing our campus.”