CLEMSON — A multi-faceted campaign focusing on alcohol safety and bystander intervention that includes a digital messaging partnership with Clemson Athletics is officially under way at Clemson University. The Division of Student Affairs will unveil the ‘Celebrate Safely’ campaign at Clemson across both print and digital media throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.

Included in the digital messaging component are videos featuring student-athletes and student leaders. The videos will be used in all athletics venues housing Daktronics boards: Doug Kingsmore Stadium, Historic Riggs Field, Jervey Gym, Littlejohn Coliseum and Memorial Stadium.

“We want this to be a long-term campaign,” said Crystal Fulmer, associate director of Healthy Campus. “We haven’t had this type of opportunity to get messaging to our students in athletics venues. Whether it’s yourself or having to help a friend in a difficult situation, this campaign is geared for that type of awareness. Our message is that everyone wins when we celebrate safely.”

Digital messaging will also be projected on televisions and monitors throughout the Clemson campus. Printed materials will be distributed to local businesses and transit systems as well.

Fulmer said the idea came to fruition after the Clemson Community Coalition was able to place an advertisement for alcohol safety at a baseball game this past spring. Johnson Link, associate vice president for Student Affairs, reached out to Clemson Athletics to create a more substantial partnership.

“I can’t help but believe this will be a positive for all of Clemson,” Link said. “As folks in our athletics venues see our athletes delivering these messages — and people look up to them, as we know — hopefully it will have a positive effect on the culture of dealing with serious issues.”

Two other groups instrumental in the production of the messaging have been Clemson Broadcast Productions and Student Affairs Publications. With a collaborative effort that began with this awareness campaign, Student Affairs has had the opportunity to provide alcohol education directly to student-athletes. Fulmer delivered an educational program as part of Clemson Athletics’ Immersion for incoming student-athletes this summer.

Associate Athletic Director Mike Money said ‘Celebrate Safely’ is a win-win situation for all parties.

“Clemson Athletics is excited to be a partner in this great campaign,” said Money, who oversees marketing and game management. “The safety of our students, fans, campus and community is of the utmost importance. Hopefully we can help increase the awareness to everyone who visits any sports venue on campus.”

Vice President for Student Affairs Almeda Jacks echoed Money’s thoughts.

“The partnership with athletics has been great, and I am very excited to see this campaign with a goal to make a difference in the lives of our students.”