CLEMSON — The Clemson University Shotgun Club won its third straight Southeastern Invitational Collegiate Championship at the Jacksonville Skeet and Trap Gun Club in Jacksonville, Fla.

The Clemson shooters overcame 30-mph winds and beat out eight other universities to take the title, outshooting second-place finisher University of Florida 679 targets to 668.

“I’m really proud of our shooters, especially considering that they had to contend with high winds caused by Hurricane Sandy. They spent many hours at the shooting range and it paid off with our top five shooters averaging 23 targets per round of 25,” said Rick Willey, shotgun club coach and Clemson University Extension 4-H natural resource specialist.

Clemson also dominated the individual events at the Oct. 27 championships.

Hunter Baughman of Summerville was men’s overall champion and Austin Mogy of Florence runner-up  and Catherine Blankenship of Anderson was ladies' overall champion and Katie Stansell of Damascus, Md., was runner-up.

Baughman also was champion and Mogy runner-up in men’s trap and each finished in the top five in men’s skeet. Three Clemson shooters finished among the top five in men’s wobble trap.

Stansell was champion and Blankenship runner-up in ladies skeet. Additionally, Blankenship took home top individual honors in ladies trap while Stansell was runner-up in ladies wobble trap.

One-hundred and five shooters competed. Clemson brought 15 shooters, including: Baughman, Mogy, Player Aston, Cody Gasque, Tyler Leinbach, Alex McHale, Stansell, Blankenship, Matt Sirmans, David Tucker, Evan Guy, Joe McKinch, Collin Stokes, Zach Wyatt and Elliot Calvert.

The team also won $12,500 for its MidwayUSA Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund, a percentage of which helps offset the cost of ammunition, entrance fees and traveling expenses. The team will travel to San Antonio in the spring to participate in the national championships. Clemson won national championships in International Skeet, International Trap, American Skeet and American Trap events last season.

The event was sponsored by MidwayUSA and the Scholastic Clay Target Program and hosted by Jacksonville University. The Clemson University Shotgun Club is supported by the School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences and practices at the Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management Leisure Skills Pickens Bend Shooting Range.


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