CLEMSON — The Root, an online source of news and commentary from an African-American perspective, lists Clemson University professor Juan Gilbert among its top 100 black influencers and achievers.

The Root places Gilbert with nationally renowned university researchers, network correspondents, Hollywood actors and producers, Grammy Award-winning artists and famed politicians.

The Clemson IDEaS professor and chairman of the Human-Centered Computing (HCC) division in the School of Computing is recognized nationally for his groundbreaking, solutions-based research and unique teaching techniques.

“I believe technology can be used to keep students interested in the course material, “Gilbert said. “My instruction style employs the use of computers and other multimedia deliverable mediums to assist in delivering instruction.”

Gilbert has actively recruited African-Americans to the School of Computing at Clemson.

Ten percent of the nation’s 56 black computer science professors are at Clemson University. The university’s doctoral students also account for 10 percent of African-American computer science Ph.D. candidates. 

“Many African-American students and professors are drawn to Clemson because of the Human-Centered Computing program, which takes a hands-on, applied approach to computer science,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said research shows women and minorities are attracted to “helping professions.”

“That’s what we do in HCC,” Gilbert said. “We help people.”

One example of Gilbert’s solutions-based applications is Prime III – an accessible, electronic voting system.

“Prime III makes it possible for any and everyone to vote on one machine despite any physical disability they might have,” Gilbert said.

The Washington Post owns The Root. Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard University founded the online publication to “raise the profile of black voices in mainstream media and engage anyone interested in black culture around the world.” 


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