CLEMSON — Scott Mason was formally installed as the Fluor Endowed Chair in Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics in Clemson University's industrial engineering department.

The investiture ceremony was held to bestow the Endowed Chair Medallion — the symbol of the university's most prestigious academic positions — on Mason and Fluor Corp. representatives David Seaton, chief operating officer and CEO-elect; and Jim Scotti, senior vice president and chief procurement officer.

Fluor contributed $2 million, matched by $2 million from the South Carolina Centers of Economic Excellence program, to fund the Fluor Endowed Chair of Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics.

“Private gifts help Clemson students and faculty write the next chapters in their unfolding stories of discovery, creativity and success,” said Clemson President James F. Barker. “It is through such generosity that we are able to welcome Dr. Mason to the industrial engineering department's capital project supply chain research program, where he significantly enhances Clemson's ability to address the supply chain challenges faced by business and industry.”

“Fluor looks to Clemson as a source of innovation, engineering excellence and a wealth of graduate talent in support of our operations around the world,” said Fluor's Seaton. “Partnering with Clemson through this endowment links two world-class organizations with a goal of leading effective change across the entire industry.”

Jim Scotti of Fluor added, “With this investiture, we look forward to realizing the endowment's full potential of vigorously applying industrial engineering tools, knowledge, expertise and science to challenges we face as a company, and as an industry.”


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