CLEMSON — The ornamental nursery plant industry will be better able to successfully manage crops during perilous winter months thanks to an award-winning publication coauthored by Sarah White, Clemson University nursery extension specialist and assistant professor in the School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences (SAFES).

The publication, titled “Preparing Nursery Plants for Winter in the Southeastern United States,” recently received the Southern Region American Society for Horticultural Sciences Extension Communications Blue Ribbon.

White collaborated with extension specialists at North Carolina State University, University of Georgia, and Virginia Tech on the project.

The work, which is published by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, gives an overview of the underlying biological processes in growth and dormancy onset in ornamental nursery plants and provides examples of ways growers in the Southeast can manage nutrients, irrigation and pruning to moderate growth, decrease desiccation and limit injury from the cold.

Since woody nursery crops require more than one growing season before they are sold, effective winter management is paramount in bringing healthy plants to market.


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