The 22 Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Scholars studied in the spring under Clemson management assistant professor Scott Ellis in his Global Supply Chain Management class in the College of Business and Behavioral Science. During the class the students received state-of-the-art business training via a two-day supply-chain seminar led by Caspar Hunsche, the chief technology officer of the Supply Chain Council, a global non-profit consortium whose methodology, diagnostic and benchmarking tools help nearly a thousand organizations make dramatic and rapid improvements in supply-chain processes.

Students learned a supply-chain framework that facilitates analysis and improvement of complex supply-chain processes. Students earned SCOR Scholar (SCOR/S) certification after successfully completing a two-hour certification exam.

The SCOR model is a standard used throughout various industries for supply-chain management. It was created in order to improve communication between supply-chain partners.

“SCOR Scholar certification offers real value to our students,” Ellis said. “Through this training program, students learn leading-edge tools that can be used to diagnose and communicate complex supply-chain problems. Recruiters and potential employers note that SCOR Scholar certification provides a competitive advantage to Clemson business students as they pursue post-graduation career opportunities.”

College of Business and Behavioral Science Dean Claude Lilly applauds the accomplishments of the students and notes the training was made possible by funding from the Clemson management department and the college through the Junior-Senior Enhancement Program.

“The funding for Junior-Senior projects is derived from the incremental tuition that is charged by the College of Business and Behavioral Science. Without the incremental tuition, we would not be able to support this type of student project,” Lilly said.

The Junior-Senior Enhancement Program in the College of Business and Behavioral Science funds initiatives to improve the undergraduate experience at Clemson. The enhancement program complements the traditional programs by providing courses that develop leadership, decision-making and strategic-thinking skills.

The SCOR Scholars are:

  • Christina Albert, Guadeloupe, French West Indies
  • Richard Bailey of Simpsonville
  • Shanley Beckett or Pineland
  • David Bratton of York
  • Deanna Buchanan of Swannanoa, N.C.
  • Mark Congdon of Richmond, Va.
  • Samantha Cronin of Greer
  • Kristen Dalla-Rizza of Miami, Fla.
  • Preston Dellinger of Lake Wylie
  • Ryan Henson of Clemson
  • Stephanie Karvellas of Allendale, N.J.
  • Kacee Kier of Clearwater, Fla.
  • Kitisa McDowell of Central
  • Brantley Pace of Greenville
  • Matt Parker of Clemson
  • Daniel Redd of Taylors
  • Patric Ruppel of Huntington, N.Y.
  • Robert Shaut of Glen Echo, Md.
  • Jordan Skinner of Richmond, Va.
  • Joshua Smith of Summerville
  • Barrett Stephens of Bluffton
  • Miriam Triebel of Gaimersheim, Germany