CLEMSON — Clemson University has the best student career services among colleges ranked by The Princeton Review and its students love their school and sports, according to the rankings released Monday.

In “The Best 382 Colleges, 2018 Edition,” this is how Clemson ranks:

  • Best Career Services: 1
  • Their Students Love These Colleges: 2
  • Students Pack the Stadiums: 2
  • Everyone Plays Intramural Sports: 2
  • Town-Gown Relations are Great: 5
  • Best Alumni Network: 6
  • Happiest Students: 10
  • Best Schools for Internships: 10

It is the second time The Princeton Review ranked Clemson’s career services No. 1; it did so in the 2016 edition as well.

“We want our students to experience unparalleled success, so we equip them with a world-class education, charge them to make a difference in the world, help them surmount the challenges they encounter and celebrate their triumphs regardless of how recently or long ago they graduated,” said Neil Burton, executive director of Clemson’s Center for Career and Professional Development.

Nearly three-fourths of recent graduates had an internship or co-op experience while at Clemson, according to a recent survey, Burton said. More than half had more than one such work experience.

The Princeton Review tallied the rankings for the 2018 edition based on its surveys of 137,000 students (average 358 per campus) attending the 382 colleges in the book in 2016-17 and/or the previous two school years.

“We picked the 382 ‘best’ colleges for our book primarily for their outstanding academics: we highly recommend each one,” said Robert Franek, The Princeton Review’s editor-in-chief and the book’s lead author. “However, we know applicants need far more than an academic rating or ranking to find the college that will be best for them. We created our 62 ranking lists to help narrow that search. They are based entirely on data we gather beyond academics that gives insight into what the schools’ enrolled students say about their professors, administrators, school services, campus culture and student life. In the end, it’s all about the fit.”

“Students and their families choose colleges for a number of reasons,” said David Kuskowski, Clemson’s admissions director. “Expected return on investment and how well they will be prepared for successful careers after college are two of the most important. We are proud of our students and of The Princeton Review rankings showing that Clemson is committed to student success.”

The ranking lists will also be published in the 2018 edition of The Princeton Review’s annual “Best Colleges” guidebook, “The Best 382 Colleges” (Penguin Random House / Princeton Review Books, $24.99). It will be on sale Tuesday in print and available Sept. 26 in an e-book edition.