CLEMSON — The Clemson University community will pay tribute to the vision and legacy of founder Thomas Green Clemson at the 2018 Founder’s Day Celebration at 5 p.m. April 4 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 328 E. Queen St., Pendleton. An outdated calendar item previously listed the date as April 6.

Thomas Green Clemson re-enactor Ron Grant stands on campus.

The university celebrates Founder’s Day annually to mark the passing of Thomas Green Clemson in 1888. Through his will and gift of property to the state of South Carolina, Clemson University (then Clemson Agricultural College) later became a reality. This year marks the 130th anniversary of Thomas Green Clemson’s death.

Vice President of Public Service and Agriculture George Askew will lead the ceremony by highlighting the university’s continued commitment to its founder’s vision that it be a “high seminary of learning in which the graduate of the common schools can commence, pursue and finish the course of studies terminating in thorough theoretic and practical instruction in those sciences and arts which bear directly upon agriculture…”

Founder’s Day will be hosted by Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. Clemson students Katherine Armstrong and Laura Mackay will perform Thomas Clemson’s musical piece “Carolina Forever” on violin and flute, respectively.

The church ceremony will be followed by a procession to the grave site, where a wreath will be placed upon Clemson’s grave.