CLEMSON — Aubrey Coffee, a lecturer in the department of food science and human nutrition at Clemson University, will appear on the TLC competition series “Ultimate Cake Off” in an episode airing at 10 p.m. Monday, Feb. 8.

In the episode, Coffee assists her friend, cake artist and local business owner Christine Schnee, as she competes for a grand prize of $10,000 against two other teams. The team challenge is to bake a 5-foot tall cake with moving parts that will be featured at the American Kennel Club Agility Dog Show in Long Beach, Calif.

Coffee’s role is to construct the delicate sugar figurines that will adorn the cake.

“I love to play with sugar and I love to teach,” she said. “Reality TV cooking shows are entertainment, but they also educate. They have generated great interest in the field of Culinology, one of the emphasis areas in food science that we teach here at Clemson.”

The Culinology program, approved by the Research Chefs Association, is a groundbreaking new field that combines culinary arts and food science. Clemson was the first university in the nation to offer a four-year program that integrated culinary arts competencies in their food science curriculum.  

Also assisting is Schnee’s husband, Mark, who is in charge of the mechanics and Kathy Norris, owner of Kathy and Company, a bakery and catering company in Easley. Schnee is the owner of Carolina Morsels, a one-of-a kind cookie company, and the Cake Wheel in Greenville.


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