CLEMSON – Tom Jenkins, visiting professor and member of the Emeritus Faculty in the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, department of animal and veterinary sciences, hosted the Fatty Acid Forum Legacy Series during World Dairy Expo, held Sept. 28-Oct. 3 to showcase the significance of dairy research and the researchers who pioneered numerous dairy cattle nutrition breakthroughs that are resources for nutritionists now and generations to come.

Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins

Jenkins, well known for his work in fatty acid nutrition, was the impetus behind the creation of the Legacy series sponsored by Virtus Nutrition. The series heralded the significant scientific breakthroughs concerning the use of fatty acids in dairy cattle diets.

According to Jenkins, “These events have been highly cited and published and many are well aware of their impact. However, through this video series, these nutritional accomplishments are put into perspective as to their history and development. The series reveals the pitfalls, barriers, and limitations that had to be overcome by research pioneers who made these discoveries.”

“Second, and the unique part of the series, is to bring to the audience these important developments through the words of the researchers themselves. We want to make the audience aware of the backgrounds of these pioneers who have contributed so much to the dairy industry,” Jenkins said.

“We expect this series to be of use not only to peer generations as they follow and study them, but of value to future generations as well.”

“The research topics that are covered by these dedicated legacy professors built the core biology that our current-day models and systems in the industry can utilize to make better decisions and reduce risk of misuse or less profitable outcomes when integrating fatty acids into dairy diets,” said Dr. Kevin Murphy, global technical director for Virtus Nutrition.

Researchers featured in the Legacy series wer Don Palmquist, professor emeritus from Ohio State University; Bill Thatcher of the University of Florida, considered one of the world’s leading experts in the area of animal reproduction; Ken Cummings, retired from Church & Dwight; and Dale Bauman, professor emeritus from Cornell University,

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