Care of chickens is just one of the topics planned for the Clemson Backyard Barnyard workshop May 13 in Greenville

Care of chickens is just one of several topics planned for the Clemson Backyard Barnyard workshop May 13 in Greenville.
Image Credit: Clemson University

GREENVILLE – New or small-acreage livestock farmers can get experience in livestock management practices by attending the Backyard Barnyard workshop May 13.

The workshop, led by Lindsey Craig and Cassie Wycoff, area livestock and forage agents for the Clemson Cooperative Extension Service, will be “very hands-on” and will include a variety of topics. When registering, participants are asked to select all animal species they’re interested in learning about during the workshop.

“We will cover forage variety selection for each type of animal species and grazing management practices to maximize small acreage pastures,” Wycoff said. “The course also will cover basic animal husbandry, such as daily care; required facilities or equipment; and preventative health care for chickens, goats, pigs, dairy animals, honey bees and even donkeys!”

Topics to be covered include:

  • Small pasture management and renovation;
  • Introduction to raising chickens, honeybees, sheep, goats, pigs and cattle; and
  • Hands-on learning at Roper Mountain’s Living History Farm.

There also will be breakout sessions tailored to participants’ interests.

The workshop takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Roper Mountain Science Center, 402 Roper Mountain Road, Greenville. There is a $40 registration fee, which includes lunch and course materials. Deadline to register is May 6. To register, go to:

For more information, contact Lindsey Craig at 864-878-1394, ext. 116, or Cassie Wycoff at 864-984-2514 ext. 117.