CLEMSON — Three national organizations have recognized Clemson University Video Production Services with a total of six honors for creativity in television production.

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences nominated two episodes of “Expeditions with Patrick McMillan” for Southeastern Emmy Awards to recognize outstanding achievement in television programming excellence.

The International Academy of the Visual Arts presented three Silver Communicator Awards to Clemson: two for “Expeditions” episodes and one for a Carolina Clear 30-second TV message to educate the public about reducing water pollution.

The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals also recognized the Carolina Clear TV message with an Award of Distinction.

“Expeditions with Patrick McMillan” is a nature series that airs at 7:30 p.m. Sundays on SCETV and is distributed nationally to PBS affiliates. One Emmy nomination is in the informational/instructional category for “Ghosts of the Plains,” which tracks research on black-footed ferrets, kit foxes and other endangered species on the Great Plains. Nominated for this award are Patrick McMillan, naturalist and series host, and David White, director and videographer.

The second “Expeditions” Emmy nomination for Patrick McMillan is in the magazine category for “A Coastal Treasure,” which explores South Carolina’s ACE Basin (Ashepoo, Combahee and South Edisto), one of the best and largest pieces of protected land on the Atlantic coast.

“Expeditions” episodes that won Silver Communicator Awards from the International Academy of the Visual Arts are “An Ever-Changing Tapestry,” which explores the diversity of wildlife in the Great Plains, and “Ghosts of the Plains,” which tracks research on endangered wildlife species in the Great Plains.

Carolina Clear is a Clemson Extension program led by Katie Giacalone that conducts workshops across South Carolina to teach ways to reduce pollution in the state’s rivers, lakes and coastal waters. The 30-second TV message, “We All Live Downstream,” provides vignettes of individuals who make conscious decisions to protect water quality at rivers, lakes and the coast. Producer/director Paul Ruszkowski was honored with a Silver Communicator Award from the International Academy of the Visual Arts and with an Award of Distinction from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals.