CLEMSON — The Clemson Alumni Association is calling for nominations for its board of directors and the office of president-elect, who will assume the role of president in 2016.

The board of directors is responsible for the Alumni Association’s overall policy, direction and organizational vision. The board is looking for candidates with sound judgment, a strong work ethic, demonstrated service to the Alumni Association, leadership qualities and the desire and vision to advance the goals and objectives of the association.

A full term of service to the board is three years, and the board meets no fewer than four times annually. All nominations must be submitted by Sunday, Dec. 20. The election of new directors will take place in the spring.

The Alumni Association officer position of president-elect also is open for nominations. After serving a two-year term, the president-elect will continue to serve a term as president and as past president, amounting to a cumulative commitment of six years. Officer nominees should be willing and able to commit significant time and energy to official Alumni Association business and initiatives. The president should be able to regularly travel to campus and attend off-campus events. All officer positions are volunteer positions, meaning that the officer is responsible for all travel expenditures and accommodations.

The Clemson Alumni Association, established in 1896, is an open-membership, non-profit organization that aims to keep alumni connected with each other and to their alma mater.

– Ashley Hedrick