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  • Eclipse over Clemson has international draw, inspires awe
    Clinton Colmenares | August 23, 2017
    "Eclipse over Clemson" drew thousands of spectators.

    Fifty-thousand people on the Clemson University campus craned their necks skyward at 2:37 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, to gaze at a natural phenomenon that hasn’t happened in the United States for 100 years: a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse.

  • Clemson welcomes class of 2021 as classes set to start
    Tara Romanella | August 22, 2017
    Clemson University freshmen gather in Death Valley to celebrate the start of the school year.

    Clemson University’s freshman class will begin its collegiate academic journey Wednesday as classes begin for the 2017-18 academic year. Currently, there are more than 3,650 freshmen scheduled to be on campus, including more than 400 in the Honors College. There also are 1,500 transfer students and 1,450 graduate students enrolled.

  • State Inspector General finds no wrongdoing in Clemson University trustees spending practices
    John Gouch | August 22, 2017

    Clemson University’s board of trustees is pleased with the findings of an audit by the state’s Office of the Inspector General of the university’s board of trustees’ expenses, and welcomes its conclusions and recommendations.

Public Service and Agriculture

  • Poultry come to terms with the eclipse
    Tom Hallman | August 22, 2017
    Leghorn rooster

    Even the legendary grandiloquence of a proud Leghorn rooster may take a pause -- albeit a brief one -- before the power of a total solar eclipse.

  • New technologies from Clemson offer potential big savings for agriculture
    Scott Miller | August 22, 2017
    Clemson agricultural engineer Ahmad Khalilian discusses precision agriculture technologies at the Edisto Research and Education Center.

    Tests on new nutrient-management technology under development at Clemson University showed savings of up to $54 an acre on cotton production. In another test, Clemson automated tillage technology reduced fuel usage by nearly half on soil tillage needed to protect row crop yields. These are two technologies on display at a recent field day at Clemson's Edisto Research and Education Center.

  • Watch what your plants do during the eclipse, professors say
    Denise Attaway | August 16, 2017

    Clemson University researchers say the public can help collect scientific information about the effect of Monday's eclipse on plants for future generations.


  • College of Science student named Undergraduate Student Senate president
    Hannah Halusker | August 14, 2017
    Leland Dunwoodie

    Leland Dunwoodie, a biochemistry senior in the College of Science, was recently named 2017-18 President of Undergraduate Student Senate.

  • Phlegar chosen to lead Office of Community and Ethical Standards
    Philip Sikes | August 14, 2017
    Greg Phlegar, director of the Office of Community and Ethical Standards

    Greg Phlegar, most recently associate dean of students at Denison University, has been chosen to lead Clemson University’s Office of Community and Ethical Standards. In his new role, Phlegar will direct a staff charged with maintaining confidential student discipline records, investigate reported violations of student regulations and arrange for cases to be adjudicated.

  • Clemson celebrates Ben Skardon’s 100th birthday with friends, fans and dignitaries
    Ken Scar | August 11, 2017

    What do you give a living legend for his 100th birthday? In the case of retired U.S. Army Col. Ben Skardon, a survivor of the Bataan Death March and beloved alumnus and professor emeritus of Clemson University: The party of the century, of course, along with awards and accolades presented by fellow service members and dignitaries.



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