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  • Women, diversity in STEM focus of $3.4 million grant to Clemson
    Clinton Colmenares | October 18, 2016

    Clemson University has launched an initiative funded by a $3.4 million NSF ADVANCE grant to create an inclusive academic culture so women and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to enter and remain in academia.

  • Business school building opens new door to campus
    Rick Uhlmann | October 17, 2016
    Business school, architect, building

    Construction of a new building for the College of Business will redefine the center of Clemson University’s campus while creating a state-of-the-art think tank environment for the college’s growing student population.

  • Clemson Pitch Smackdown rewards business ideas with cash infusions
    Rick Uhlmann | October 10, 2016

    Budding entrepreneurs recently presented their ideas for the next best thing in smartphone apps, medical devices and water disinfection at the third annual Pitch Smackdown sponsored by the Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Clemson University College of Business.


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Clemson University’s awarded degrees to nearly 1,000 students at the summer 2016 graduation ceremony.

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