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  • Clemson Creative Inquiry program earns national honor
    Robin S. Denny | October 26, 2016
    Students collaborate on a Creative Inquiry research project.

    A Clemson University program in which study and work by thousands of undergraduate students have impacted people in South Carolina, the United States and countries around the world has received national recognition.

  • Robotics expert aims to put South Carolina in the lead on autonomous vehicles
    Paul Alongi | October 26, 2016
    Venkat Krovi is the new Michelin Endowed Chair in Vehicle Automation.

    A world-renowned robotics expert is starting an education and research program that could help South Carolina play a leading role in developing the driverless automobiles that are hitting the street faster than many experts imagined.

  • Today’s ‘flux capacitor’ gets a boost
    Clinton Colmenares | October 25, 2016

    A team of Clemson physicists has discovered how to increase by five-fold the energy capacity of supercapacitors without sacrificing strength or durability using specially designed layers of atom-thick carbon sheets called graphene.

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Clemson University’s awarded degrees to nearly 1,000 students at the summer 2016 graduation ceremony.

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