The Clemson University MBA Student Association’s inaugural fundraiser in April that benefited an ALS clinic in Greenville was a roaring success.

MBASA, One Main Roar, ALS, fundraiser

Through their fundraiser, MBA students raised $14,000 for a local ALS clinic.

“One Main Roar” drew more than 100 attendees and raised $14,000 for the Greenville Health System’s ALS Clinic, according to Lisa Milas, MBA student and president of the student association.

“We not only exceeded our fundraising goal, the MBASA succeeded in establishing a purposeful, local event of our own,” said Milas, who lost her 61-year-old uncle, Forest, to ALS in January. “In addition to our donors knowing how and where their contributions are being used, this event galvanized us to lay the groundwork for supporting the clinic again next year.”

Better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS attacks nerve cells and pathways in the brain and spinal cord. Each year, about 5,600 people are newly diagnosed with the disease, and the average life expectancy is two to five years.

Lisa Milas, One Main Roard, MBASA, fundraiser

Lisa Milas

“We had a purpose and as a result more students were engaged in supporting the ALS Clinic,” Milas said. “More than a dozen MBA students contributed their time and expertise. The resulting teamwork made for a smoothly-run event and became a catalyst for getting more students involved in the association’s activities.”

Suzy Hobbs, clinic coordinator and a nurse practitioner, was impressed by the student association’s ability to organize and execute the event. She said the funds have already been put to use in the area of patient-care services.

“ ‘One Main Roar’ was beautifully executed, and I’m honored that we were chosen as the students’ fundraising recipient,” Hobbs said. “Already, we have purchased a ramp that has been placed in a patient’s home, and we are purchasing a special wheelchair from the funds. All of this, and more, was made possible because the MBA students cared enough.”

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