Kerri McMillanKerri McMillian’s passion for teaching is seen in her investment in her students and concern for their long-term success.

“You never know what student you will reach,” said McMillian. “I really enjoy counseling students and guiding them on potential careers. It is rewarding to help them find their niche in the marketplace.”

McMillian came to Clemson in 1998 after a successful career working for an investment advisory firm as a security analyst and portfolio manager. She currently teaches courses in personal finance, investment analysis and risk management. She holds an MBA from the University of South Carolina and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

“My experience has allowed me to bring application to the classroom,” said McMillian. “You must know financial theory but through my experience working in investments and risk management, I am able to really engage my students in the subject of finance.”

McMillan is the recipient of the 2013 CBBS Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award and 2014 Student Government Teaching Excellence Award. McMillan was also tapped recently to serve as a faculty advisor for Clemson Blue Key Honor Society.

“The Blue Key Honor Society has been a great experience and given me a chance to work with students and learn more about Clemson,” said McMillan. “When I won the student government teaching award, one of the students found out early and announced it during a Blue Keys meeting—I was so honored to receive the award.”

McMillan’s enthusiasm for teaching is not only evident in the classroom, she is also faculty advisor for the Clemson Wall Street South Investment Club and an avid Tigers fan. Many of her prior students come back and are guest speakers for the Wall Street South Investment club.

“Through the guest speakers within our club, the students are exposed to different areas of finance and different types of professions,” said McMillan. “As a result, they are better equipped to figure out their interests and the right career path.”

Through McMillan’s career in finance she has gained many contacts in the corporate world and often learns of different job opportunities that she shares with her students.

“When I get emails from different companies who are looking to recruit our students, I print it out and circulate it around the class,” said McMillan. “A recent student secured a job through learning about it in my course—what I love about teaching here is the Clemson connection and family feeling. I get to be part of my student’s success.”

McMillan appreciates the continued support of her department and fellow colleagues across campus, and she views her time at Clemson as a highlight of her career.

“Clemson students are some of the happiest students,” said McMillan. “It is a joy that I can experience that every day in the classroom.”