A workshop that is drawing participants from at least 11 countries to exchange the latest ideas on materials and devices that emit light will be held in Greenville, thanks two two Clemson University faculty members.

This is the first time in its 11-year history that the International Workshop on Photoluminescence in Rare Earths: Photonic Materials and Devices (PRE) will be held in the United States.

Bringing the workshop to the Greenville were conference chairs Luiz G. Jacobsohn and John Ballato, both with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and with Clemson’s Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies.

Rare earths are strategic elements incorporated into a variety of hosts to generate intense emissions of light, finding application in lighting, lasers, and the detection of ionizing radiation among many other uses. The workshop will provide a global forum for material scientists, chemists and physicists to discuss and debate the state of the art and future perspectives for photonic materials based on rare earth ions, including fundamental concepts and applied materials.

PRE started in Trento, Italy, in 2005, and then went to Kyoto, Japan in 2012, and San Sebastian, Spain in 2014.

Greenville was chosen to host PRE for its pleasant downtown scene, charming atmosphere, and world-class infrastructure, including an easily accessible international airport. The workshop will be housed in the beautiful Westin Hotel, in the heart of downtown.

All aspects of rare earth photoluminescence will be covered during PRE, from modeling, first-principle calculations and fundamental aspects to myriad materials, such as single-crystals, nanoparticles, transparent ceramics, and glasses, as well as fibers, lasers, phosphors, and scintillators.

“This is a great opportunity to exchange with some of the top world leaders in the field,” Jacobsohn said. “So far, we have confirmed participants from more than 11 countries, and we just started registration.”

For more information got to: https://www.ces.clemson.edu/pre2016/