Tina WhiteIt’s a rare thing to find the perfect job in the perfect setting, but according to Tina White, she has done just that. A Clemson fan from the very beginning, it was pure destiny that brought her back to Clemson after working in Florida. White works with Clemson University Broadcast (CUB) Productions as a senior producer, a job she finds more rewarding than she could have imagined. And she is looking forward to serving the university as Clemson’s Staff Senate president for the 2015-16 term.

White’s job as a senior producer allows her the opportunity to interact with students, faculty and staff members across the campus. She produces informative videos that tell the stories of the university community to create awareness, engage audiences and sometimes even to raise money. In doing this, White has had the wonderful opportunity to meet a variety of people at Clemson who are helping to change the world on campus, and she’s excited to share their story with people around the world.

The new Staff Senate president earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Francis Marion. While she originally intended to be an on-camera personality, an internship at an advertising agency convinced her that she was particularly skilled at the production side and that she really enjoyed the process. The internship led her to her first job, and her career followed.

Eight years ago she was offered a position at Clemson and she has been happily working here ever since. As a senior producer, she is involved in every level of the production process, including filming and editing, allowing her more control over the creative aspects.

A member of the Staff Senate for six years, White believes that staff members are the true backbone of the university. Behind every faculty member and student is a strong staff member who makes sure they are successful. As president, White’s focus is to make sure the staff remains represented as the university progresses. Other goals will develop as the university develops in the following year, but White plans to make sure to always be at the table when university decisions are being made. She knows that staff members are proud of the work they do, and she wants to make sure everyone else is proud of them as well.

–Emily Gyemant, Class of 2016