Georges Fadel of Clemson University is the winner of an award from a leading professional society that has recognized him for his work in design automation.

Fadel, the ExxonMobil Employees Chair in Engineering, has received the Design Automation Award from the Design Engineering Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Georges Fadel, the ExxonMobil Employees’ Chaired Professor, works with students in the Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building.

Georges Fadel, the ExxonMobil Employees Chair in Engineering, is flanked by two students as he works in a lab in the Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building.

“I know most of the other people who have won the award in the past,” Fadel said. “It’s a bit humbling to think they have selected me to be part of that group. I must thank my colleagues and especially my students.”

The award recognizes “sustained meritorious contribution to research in design automation,” according to ASME. Including Fadel, the award has been given to 22 people since it was established in 1988.

Most of Fadel’s work involves using mathematical tools to help designers. He has done work with industry and with agencies, such as NASA and the U.S. Army.

Fadel is playing a central role in building Clemson’s expertise in additive manufacturing and on its impact on the process of design and manufacture.

“My focus is on tying mathematical tools to analysis tools and show how designs can get better and better, and take advantage of the potential of additive manufacturing to significantly improve the performance of the objects we conceive,” he said.

Richard Figliola, the acting chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, said the honor was well deserved.

“The award is a testament to Dr. Fadel’s long record of significant contributions to design automation,” Figliola said. “I congratulate him on his success.”