Gaby Peschiera may be new to Clemson University’s College of Business, but she’s no stranger to understanding the benefits global opportunities offer to students.

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Gaby Peschiera has done extensive international travel, including Florence, Italy.

The Michigan native, whose family’s roots are in Peru, joined the college in April as the assistant director for global engagement. Gaby came to Clemson by way of the College of Charleston where she directed faculty-led study abroad programs for four years.

“Business, especially, is conducted in an increasingly globalized world and studying abroad prepares students to be comfortable in a multicultural environment and become familiar working in very different systems,” Gaby said. “Estimates indicate only 10 percent of graduates study abroad, so those who take advantage of this opportunity have a leg up on 90 percent of graduates. It can be a differentiator in a hiring decision.”

In her role within the Office of Student Enrichment, Gaby is charged with developing global engagement programs for students. That includes expanding the international learning avenues for students with institutions abroad for internships, research and conferences.

“We want to expand the number of opportunities for students. Part of this initiative involves not only maintaining existing partnerships, but also establishing new ones with institutions abroad. That includes on-site opportunities as well as online learning,” she said.

On average, about 300 business students travel abroad annually for study, internships, volunteering and research. Gaby said her charge isn’t solely to grow the number of participants, but to create more opportunities for a broader range of students.

“One of our goals is to create more avenues for students with diverse and socio-economic backgrounds to experience the enrichment an international learning opportunity provides.”

Though Gaby grew up in Kalamazoo, Mich., and received her degrees from Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan University, her family’s ties to Peru presented plenty of opportunities for intercultural learning. Among the 15 foreign countries she has visited throughout Latin America, Asia and Europe, she also studied in Chile as an undergraduate.

“My experiences traveling as a child and young adult opened my eyes and helped me grow in countless ways,” Gaby said. “International travel has sharpened my awareness of others and their diverse ways of life. To this day, I still find myself challenged by every new experience abroad and those kind of growth opportunities are what we want our students to experience.”

For more information on global engagement opportunities through the College of Business, Gaby is located in 132D Sirrine Hall, and be contacted at 864-656-3407, or

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