Fusion, a celebration of student work, rolled out the orange carpet for College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities (CAAH) donors Feb. 9 at Lee Hall.

Hannah Gardner

Hannah Gardner created “Topographical Genoa” out of charcoal — and coffee — while studying abroad.

At Fusion, the CAAH majors and CAAH supporters came together for an evening of conversations, presentations and potential collaborations.

The event sprung from a concept created by students within the college.

This year’s gathering featured student displays and presentations from all 15 of the CAAH undergraduate majors. Topics spanned from Greek religious manuscripts to a team project for the National Association of Home Builders student competition.

In addition to a gallery-style setup of student work in Lee Hall, the home of CAAH’s School of Design and Building and its Visual Arts program, the event included introductory remarks by Dean Richard E. Goodstein and four featured presentations by students in four different areas of study.

CAAH student Fatema Bhagat

In her presentation, student Fatema Bhagat shared a passion for public health.

  • Fatema Bhagat, a language and international health major, gave a presentation about her Creative Inquiry team’s project on Building Healthier Communities in the Dominican Republic.
  • Quinn Xavier, Katie Carrillo and Breanna Strife, production studies in performing arts majors, talked about their contributions to the Clemson Players’ production of “How I Learned to Drive.”
  • Kathleen McNinch, a landscape architecture major, spoke about her involvement in the Pate Forest site design project.
  • Hannah Gardner, a visual arts major, discussed her process for developing “Topographical Genoa,” a mixed-media piece she created while participating in a Study Abroad program in Genoa, Italy.
Lynn craig and student

Architecture Professor Emeritus Lynn Craig speaks with student Jared Lee at Fusion.

Fusion, which was initiated by the College’s Ambassador program, originally began four years ago as an opportunity for students from across CAAH to gather together to share their creative work and to foster a greater sense of community across the variety of majors within the college.

In 2017, the Ambassadors, along with CAAH’s development officers, decided to expand the event to include supporters of the college as a way of illustrating the tangible effects of donor support on student work.

Event guests received a print of “Topographical Genoa” as a thank-you gift for their attendance and support of the College.

Jessica Martin is the director of student services in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities at Clemson University. 

CAAH Fusion

During Fusion, faculty and friends of the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities had the opportunity to interact directly with students and learn about their projects. Image Credit: Clemson University