Nov. 11, marks Veteran’s Day 2014, a day when our nation takes the time to thank veterans for their service. It is not a new concept. In fact the holiday has existed for nearly one hundred years, ushered in at the end of World War I in 1919. In honor of Veteran’s Day, Clemson University’s faculty and staff have taken the time to reflect on their military experiences and present circumstances as Clemson Tigers.

Clemson University veterans range in age, gender, and department offering the entire campus a breadth of opportunities to interact and engage in conversation with these individuals. Brad Elliott, grant coordinator for College of Art, Architecture, and Humanities, Rob McDaris, component testing lab manager at CU-ICAR, Tamara McNealy, associate professor of Biological Sciences, and John Peters, network coordinator for the National Dropout Prevention Center, are all veterans who are proud to call Clemson University home.

While Nov. 11 for many people could pass by as another Tuesday on our way to Thanksgiving, this day means something more to these veterans who know the sacrifices that have been made to maintain the freedoms we all so dearly enjoy. The skill sets that these individuals accomplished as members of the military may not be as literally applied to their current positions as Clemson University employees today, but the talents of these individuals have certainly transpired and taken affect in the attitude, diligence, and pride with which they conduct their work.

Though we may never fully understand the sacrifices made by our own Clemson veterans, or the millions of other veterans who we encounter on a daily basis, we can surely take the time to say, “thank you.”

RobMcDarisRob McDaris

“Veteran’s day is a time to remind ourselves that our liberty is not free– it comes on the backs of men and women who were and are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect our God-given rights.”



TamaraMcNeelyTamara McNealy

“There are things we always fight for and strive for; we have goals. And usually the path to those goals is not a direct route, and so we keep the goal in sight [while] understanding that you’re not going to win every battle in life. But, if you keep your goal in mind and use strategy, you’re probably going to get there. You don’t give up.”



JohnPetersJohn Peters

“In the military you are used to having a very strong work ethic, you come to work early and stay through the day. You are used to having a mission in the military, so [at Clemson] I am mission directed. We have a mission to accomplish here, and working at the Dropout Prevention Center, our mission is very clear.”


BradElliottBrad Elliott

“I think Clemson does an outstanding job of recognizing and honoring the military, especially those who are also members of the Clemson family. Military Appreciation Day at Memorial Stadium is an incredible experience and honor. Military Plaza, the Scroll of Honor and Memorial Park all serve as reminders to honor Clemson’s military history.”


 –Anna Jewell, Class of 2016