Reed Watson, an environmental economics expert, has been hired by the College of Business as a professor of the practice in the John E. Walker Department of Economics.

Watson, environmental economist, author, hired

Reed Watson

Prior to joining Clemson University, Watson served as executive director of the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) in Bozeman, Mont., since 2014, and as applied program director for the think tank from 2008-2014.

Watson’s research focuses on market-based solutions to natural resource conflicts. He is co-author of “Tapping Water Markets,” as well as the author of several book chapters on environmental entrepreneurship. He has published several law review articles and written opinion pieces for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine.

“Reed Watson’s research is multidisciplinary and encompasses aspects of economics, legal studies, and environmental issues,” said Scott Baier, economics department chair. “We see this as a great opportunity to bring in an outstanding scholar that thinks deeply about economic issues that have practical applications. It will be nice to welcome Reed home.”

Watson was an economics major as an undergraduate at Clemson. He received his M.A. in Environment Economics and Policy and his J.D. from Duke University.

Watson will also serve in several other capacities in the College of Business as special assistant to Dean Bobby McCormick. He will organize a number of external fund raising activities and will be involved in expanding the role of business education and making it a centerpiece at Clemson.

“Clemson has long taught students excellence in the how of business. The college will continue that long tradition of producing outstanding employees and leaders for companies, large and small,” McCormick said. “But a new day dawns and the college will do more, with Reed’s help. We will embrace the why of business, too.”

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